Message from LA Fans

Hey Sasha,
Just wanted to let you know that some friends and I went to the Nets vs. Lakers game to support you in your first game back in LA against the Lakers. It was so much fun to see you joking and laughing again with Kobe, Pau, Walton and the rest again. I was also happy to see that the crowd gave you and Farmar a warm reception. I think it’s safe to say that although I and many of your big fans wish that you were still in LA, we are all very happy that you have this new opportunity to flourish in your NBA career. After the game I was able to meet another one of your biggest fans, Denise School who also came to support you. She also has articles on your site. Then my friend Denise Yogi and I were able to get your signs on the post-game show on TV. Although you are doing a terrific job with your new team and we wish you the best in your new endeavors, we just wanted to say, “Hey Sasha!” “We Miss You!” Message from LA Fans

Shelly Niimi (The fan from LA who asked you to sign her picture frame in English, Italian and Slovenian Message from LA Fans Thanks for doing that!)